On the constant search for likeminded individuals and brands to join our community, Tropa is joined by Gil Rodriguez. Coming in as our first ever international brand, Tropa also takes on the role as its first brick-and-mortar pop-up.

The brand presents itself as an antidote to fast fashion—creating ethically-produced pieces that withstand tides of change over time. Each garment embodies what it is to adapt and assimilate to the evolution of women's clothing; catering to universal needs and preferences while creating provisions for new ones that may arise.

"We believe the process is as important as the product. A company may sell beautiful garments, but if it doesn't respect the basic ideals of ethical manufacturing and sustainability, it cannot truly call itself modern."

Gil Rodriguez, as a brand, presents an oeuvre that is a compilation of threads fit to serve as the foundation of a woman's wardrobe year after year.

Get it at their very first pop-up at TRO-PASKO on December 8, 3pm.

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