Non Sequitur: Tropa Lookbook 2021

Non Sequitur: Tropa Lookbook 2021

In our new Tropa undertaking, we veer from the familiar territories of cityscapes and neighborhood alleys to capture the last days of summer along the shores of Siargao.

Joined by those we have come to better know as a special breed of islanders, the tropical outpost has become home to people from all walks of life — some coming from the world’s biggest cosmopolitan cities; others from nearby sitios and localities. The island plays home to many, driven by a noble aim of giving pleasure to its countless settlers.

'Non Sequitur' is an ode to the occasionally unpredictable spirit of the island, its people, and as a result the images we compiled for this edition. We have all begun to further question what lies ahead but it is great to know that magic can happen just by chance. The reopening of the island to visitors this month will finally allow for this authentic utopia to be shared by us all.

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