The Things You Call Home (Scarf Collection No.2)

The Things You Call Home (Scarf Collection No.2)

Graphic artist Paulina Ortega finds her way back to Metro Manila for the second edition of "The Things You Call Home". She expands the growing collection's oeuvre by way of its themes and execution;
transitioning from the handpainted images of the mangga and Dalagang Bukid to a collage of images that encapsulate a feeling of home and belonging.

Paulina's narrative of home progresses in the newest collection. In contrast to the first set of handpainted scarves, which focused on memories and images of growing up in the Philippines, this second set act as collages of the images and scenes she came across on her travels; especially in Mexico. Each scarf is an ode to finding a sense of home while away, a familiarity in what's meant to be foreign, a feeling of kinship and shared history with something newly encountered.

The limited collection of scarves is done on luxurious 100% silk twill.
Each piece is Filipino-designed, and made in Australia.

Released in conjunction with the scarves is the debut of Namì x PP. This collaboration further explores themes of home and The Philippines through contemporary fine jewelry. Namì's homegrown production line is seamlessly coupled with Paulina's working theme—resulting in pieces inspired by Filipino flower garlands (sampaguita necklaces, santan bracelets). Each piece is made with gold, Philippine pearls, and diamonds.

Joining the roster of releases is the Áraw & Paulina Paige ‘Friendship’ Collaboration. The pieces consist of the first ever Áraw prints: handprinted images featuring sampaguitas. The 7-piece capsule collection are made of fine silk and Philippine Piña fiber.

Don't miss the series of debuts this Sunday, November 10 from 2pm to 8pm.

Photographed by Natalia Parsonson, Modeled by Aggie Choi

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